Monday, March 2, 2015

Matthew 25

Today we got to help out at the parish's thrift store, Matthew 25 Bazaar! It's a small store, but everything is free for anyone who needs it. Sally, the co-coordinator, explained to us about the how everything works. Open 4 days a week with a total of about 57 volunteers, anyone is welcome to take a limited amount of items depending on how plentiful the donations are. Although they were on a shortage of winter clothes, there was still plenty for us to do. From separating the donations by category, to organizing the racks of clothes by color, or obsessing over all the cute baby clothes, we all had a great time lending a hand! It's so amazing being able to have the opportunity to help others, especially with such an amazing parish! This particular event has inspired the Arlington/Baltimore group to bring back our experience back to Duquesne. After seeing how fortunate we are in school to have what we do, we would really like to make an initiative to make it easier for students and faculty to donate clothes and furniture wherever needed. This is especially after seeing how quick people are to just throw out perfectly functional items that could be used by others. This initial day has provided such an inspirational and educational purpose already, we can't wait for what the rest of the week has in store for us!

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