Friday, March 6, 2015

Haiti Committee

This past Monday we had the privilege of being able to meet and talk with two members of Our Lady Queen of Peace's Haiti ministry. After joining the parish twinning program, declaring that they would love to be paired with the parish "no one else wants," OLQP was paired with St. Joseph's in Medor, Haiti; an incredibly remote town full of some 40,000 hard working and inspiring Haitian individuals. The Haiti ministry told us a story of the work they have done over the past fourteen years and how, despite the wonderful structures they have built to better the communities health and well-being, the people of Medor were most effected by the hope the Haitian ministry gave them. In addition to the hope the Haiti ministry induced, they contributed to the establishment of a new primary and secondary school, a church, a clean water initiative and a reforestation initiative. The Haiti ministry continues to work with the people of Medor to listen to and meet their needs both economically and spiritually so that their community can continue to grow and flourish. I must say it was an absolute pleasure see the undeniable dedication and love the Haiti ministry has toward the people of Medor.  Nicole Carota

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