Friday, March 13, 2015

SEEC (Shirlington Employment and Education Center)

After visiting SEEC (Shirlington Employment and Education Center) I was left with some relief. Andrés really showed us a great example of how to live a life as a disciple of God. He spoke to us about how to he manages to be patient when faced with a difficult situation. His work in reaching out to everyone, especially immigrants, from around the center is inspiring. The center reminded me of the mission of Spiritans: to serve others where no one else wants to serve. Despite the fact that some of the individuals who seek the aid of the center can be a bit of a handful, he enjoys his job and was nothing but smiles.
Andrés gave me ideas about how I might try to help out immigrants elsewhere, such as providing them with an ID from SEEC or another organization they can reach out to. He reminded me that God loves ALL His children and doesn't ever discriminate. The center was simple but enough for individuals to gather, grab a bite to eat, and support one another. It was great! :)
God bless,
Diana Belén Delgadillo

Saturday, March 7, 2015

World Trade Center,Baltimore

Morning at the Inner Harbor: Baltimore from a different perspective

Today, we traveled to the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, one of our pit stops was the World Trade Center. There we journeyed up to the 27th floor, and were amazed to see the beautiful day we were given from atop the skyline.  We made postcards, to be sent to the persons of choice, and explored the small museum like atmosphere that welcomed us. Afterward, we went to the Galley, a trendy spot in the Harbor. There we ate at Johnny Rockets, and waited for our ladies to exit the bi-level H&M store. Overall, we had a great experience, took tons of pictures, and shared many laughs. The time spent away from our projects at St. Edwards Parish was a beneficial time bringing us together as one family.
GetFileAttachment.jpgAaron Bordley

Friday, March 6, 2015

Listening to the Haiti Committee

Our first friend at St. Edwards.

As we walked up towards the front door of St. Edward's, a little face popped into the window. 9-year-old Elijah, or Eli as his friends call him, was one of the first to greet us into this parish. Since his dad works for Father Honest, he is able to spend his time safely in this parish. This initially quiet kid has brought smiles and hope all around. He has gone from barely talking to rapping on stage for us, and although I had to make up a name for myself so he would remember, hearing him call "Lula!" never fails to bring a smile to my face. The consistent willingness to help us vacuum rooms, carry out trash, or even sit in mass with us is incredible. As helpful as he is, Eli is still a kid and has given us a break from work; whether it's making snowballs, or playing cards or basketball, this boy has shown us that taking a break from work is fun and not to take anything for granted. Although we all agree that Eli is lucky to have this parish to come to, we really hope he pursues his goal to go to college and is able to grow with the support of Father Honest and the parish.

Cynthia Yun

Elijah Emmanuel

Haiti Committee

This past Monday we had the privilege of being able to meet and talk with two members of Our Lady Queen of Peace's Haiti ministry. After joining the parish twinning program, declaring that they would love to be paired with the parish "no one else wants," OLQP was paired with St. Joseph's in Medor, Haiti; an incredibly remote town full of some 40,000 hard working and inspiring Haitian individuals. The Haiti ministry told us a story of the work they have done over the past fourteen years and how, despite the wonderful structures they have built to better the communities health and well-being, the people of Medor were most effected by the hope the Haitian ministry gave them. In addition to the hope the Haiti ministry induced, they contributed to the establishment of a new primary and secondary school, a church, a clean water initiative and a reforestation initiative. The Haiti ministry continues to work with the people of Medor to listen to and meet their needs both economically and spiritually so that their community can continue to grow and flourish. I must say it was an absolute pleasure see the undeniable dedication and love the Haiti ministry has toward the people of Medor.  Nicole Carota